(Sample) AWAY (degreaser, tire, wheel and engine cleaner)

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Degreaser, Tire, Wheel and Engine cleaner.

Available in three sizes; 16oz Spray bottle, 2.5oz Spray bottle and a 1 Gallon refill. 

Formulated to remove heavy soil, brake dust and grease found on aircraft and effectively AWAY is an environmentally friendly degreaser.  It is a must that our degreaser perform to the very highest quality standards removing all dirt , soil, grease or brake from any surface of aircraft, while being a gentle on sensitive components and specially treated surfaces.


AWAY greaser will replace a shelf or two of cleaning products in your garage. It works as a bug and tar remover, a wheel cleaner, attire cleaner and a engine degreaser.  AWAY cleaner is powerful enough to cut through grease on your engines and baked on brake dust, even on roughcast aluminum wheels. Tar, sap and bugs will break down in just the matter of seconds.

Do you fly RC models?

If so, you will be familiar the mess your gas or nitro engine makes and having to clean your model after every session.

All model aircraft engines run on a gas or nitro fuel mixed with oil. Some models are equipped with a smoke system where a light oil is injected into a hot exhaust creating plumes of while smoke for a spectacular affect. Despite all efforts it is hard to stop deposits of oil left on the surfaces of your model.  After just a few minutes these oil deposits cause damage to the painted and coved surfaces.  AWAY is a fast and effective way to remove these damaging oil deposits on your model.  Comes in a handy 16 or 2.5 ounce spray bottle that you can conveniently keep in your flight box.