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Radio Controlled Model Aircraft

Do you fly RC model planes?

If so, you will be familiar the mess your gas or nitro engine makes and having to clean your model after every session.

All model aircraft engines running on a gas or nitro fuel mixed with oil.  Some models are equipped with a smoke system where a light oil is injected into a hot exhaust creating plumes of white smoke for a spectacular affect. Despite all efforts it is hard to stop deposits of oil being left on the surfaces of your model.  After just a few minutes these oil deposits can cause damage to the painted and coved surfaces.


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AWAY is a fast and effective way to remove these damaging oil and nitro fuel deposits. It is safe to use on both painted and coved surfaces.  Comes in a handy 16 or 2.5 ounce spray bottle that you can conveniently keep in your flight box.        

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FUSION adds a deep rich gloss to your covered or painted surfaces while creating a barrier of durable protection. FUSION is easy to apply with nothing short of perfect results.